Ceyhun Eksin

Office:Technology Square Research Building Room #454 
 85 Fifth Street NW, Atlanta, GA, 30332 
E-mail:ceyhuneksin[at]gatech.edu, ceksin[at]seas.upenn.edu 
Affiliation:School of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Georgia Inst. of Tech. 
 School of Biology, Georgia Inst. of Tech. 

About me

I am Ceyhun Eksin, a postdoc at Georgia Institute of Technology affiliated with the groups of J.S. Shamma at the School of ECE, and of J.S. Weitz at the School of Biology. I completed my Ph.D. at the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering, University of Pennsylvania under the supervision of Alejandro Ribeiro. I received my bachelor's degree in Control Engineering from Istanbul Technical University in 2005. I also have master's degrees in Industrial Engineering from Bogazici University and in Statistics from Wharton School. You can obtain more detailed information about me from my CV.

My research interests include game theory, distributed optimization, signal processing and control theory. In particular, I focus on understanding and designing networked interactions of agents in social and technological settings. While we can design how agents behave in technological settings, in social settings our interest is to understand behavior and then design the system so that we improve efficiency of the system. In my research I use Bayesian games as a model of optimal agent behavior in networks. My research on Bayesian Network Games, where individuals interact over a network and have uncertainty about the state of the world, focuses on the interplay between understanding emerging behavior and designing optimal algorithms. Besides game theoretic methods, I also make use of distributed network optimization techniques in the design of algorithms. I invite you to visit the Research section for a more detailed explanation of each research thrust or you can find their specifics in my Publications.

Upcoming travel and deadlines

December 15-18, 2015: CDC presentation, Osaka, Japan.
September 25, 2015: ICASSP paper submission deadline.
September 15, 2015: CDC final paper submission deadline.


August 2015: Our paper on Epidemic Spread Over Networks with Agent Awareness and Social Distancing is accepted to Allerton!
July 2015: Paper on Distributed fictitious play in potential games of incomplete information accepted to CDC 2015!
July 2015: ECC travel for presentation of our paper on 'Decentralized Energy Management System', Linz, Austria.
July 2015: Our paper on Epidemic Spread Over Networks with Agent Awareness and Social Distancing is submitted to Allerton!
June 2015: ACC travel for presentation of our paper on Smart Pricing in Demand Response Management with Heterogeneous Consumer Preferences, Chicago, IL.
May 2015: Attended 13th annual conference on Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases.
April 2015: Started at Georgia Institute of Technology!

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Site Guide

This page is for my research and teaching at Georgia Institute of Technology. It contains a list of my publications. I have also included a personal section about my non-academic activities.

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